In a time where so much is shifting and changing, I want to empower you with the mysticism innately available by living in tune with nature. Introducing LIGHTBRINGER an Earth empowered energy mist to remind you of your ROOTS. Sing songs to your soul of your Ancestry and bring HOPE to your home for the future of our glorious planet. May you preserve your foundations and embrace new beginnings.

Influenced by EARTH INSPIRED botanicals and formed in collaboration with GAIA, our Mother Earth... a blend of botanicals including Elecampane & ROSE to ease your spirit & revive your wonder, as well as CITRUS, and resins to enrich & empower your being through all forms of elemental connection. 

Due to the primary aroma being a pure organic bulgarian rose- this specialized energy mist comes in a 1oz size, vs. the original 7 energy mists, that are a 2oz size.


helps to promotes overall balance & benefit a direct energy shift in your environment



1oz glass mist bottle with quartz crystal

proprietary blend including : ROSE + CITRUS + Elecampane, Frankincense with quartz crystal + myrrh essences neautralizing dead seas salts

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