WILD | SUMMER, hydrosol


Imagine the birds murmuring through the sky, the warmth of the Sun shining through the leaves of the trees, caressing and indulging every flower to burst open to reveal their full splendorous nectar! 

aromatic profile : sweet chamomile, cool geranium, fresh cut greenery & a hint of SUNny vitality

This sensual combo of WILD garden grown flowers and leaves will gift your skin hydration, helping soothe skin redness, improve healing time & the brimming antioxidants will boost the skin's immunity with soft kisses daily!


skullcap - known for its 
anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial properties, and ability to reduce oil on the hair and skin

geraniumhigh in antioxidant & flavonoids, this gorgeous ingredient helps fight free radicals, improving the skin & hair's ability to stay strong and healthy

comfrey - this soothing & nourishing anti‐inflammatory wonder will also help the skin rejuvenate healthy cellular tissue faster, as well as benefit that 'firm' feel

red clover - blooming with antioxidants to reduce stress to the skin, this sweet smelling flower will also support reduced inflammation & blemishes

Cultivated with wild crafted and organically grown botanicals
STEAM DISTILLED, amongst the birds, trees and mountains.

full botanical list :

skullcap flower & leaf
monarda flower & leaf
chamomile flower
geranium leaf
comfrey flower & leaf
hummingbird flower & leaf
catnip flower & leaf
red clover flower & leaf
red, yellow & white yarrow flower with leaf

This special distillation was embedded with quartz crystals to help encourage strength as these plants vaporize and re-constitute becoming something NEW.

We have added a small amount of PLANT BASED GLYCERIN to help the skin fully absorb these incredible nutrients and stay hydrated, as well as avery mild ecocert approved preservative (lactobacillus ferment) to be sure the Hydrosol stays stable throughout your enjoyment.


2oz in glass


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